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Klinikum Hanau Elternschule, Building M, 2nd Floor

Kerstin Springer

The course takes place on Saturday and Sunday.

The participation fee for the moms is covered by insurance
For all other attending partners the fee is 150 Euro

A workbook, drinks like coffee & tea, juice and water, some snacks. 

Birth preparation class for couples - in english

When expecting the first or the next baby things get exiting. This class will prepare you for the experience during birth and the time after. What to expect in the last trimenon of your pregnancy and how to read the first signs of early labour. 

You also learn how to deal with no labour at the due date and we teach you tricks on how to trigger the birth. Be organized for the journey to the hospital and back home with the newborn. Arrive home with experience on how to feed and bond as the family. 

About the speaker:

Hey, I´m Kerstin, a professional Midwife and Mother of three. My background is working as a nurse at the hospital. Currently, I have been working as an independent midwife for over 5 years. The experience of being a mother gave me a deeper understanding and renewed the passion of being at service to others. 

„Ask the woman; she´ll tell you everything you need to know!“ – Ina May Gaskin

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